when to use what golf club

A lot of things to consider when choosing a good golf club. Many golfers do not know when to use what golf club for golf rules. A golfer has to keep Fourteen slot golf bags in only Fourteen clubs. Again the player has extra equipment but can be punished for it.

If you do not want to face any obstacles in playing golf and golf performance, you should know about golf clubs. In this way, a golfer does not have to suffer the additional punishment of the club.

As a rule, a golfer can carry 14 golf clubs, which does not mean you will take one type of club. It is better to use a mixture of clubs in the bag for the same reasons on the court. Otherwise, golf clubs need to coordinate smoothly to ensure top games.

After this article, you will know when to use what golf club and choose the best golf club for you.

Golf club type and when to use what golf club 

When to use different golf clubs ? There is a question in the minds of all golfers. That is why there are different types of golf clubs and when to use these clubs. There is nothing to worry about. That is easily discussed in detail here.

There are six golf clubs offered: drivers, hybrids, fairway woods, wedges, irons, and putters. Not all clubs are the same. One works one by one in a club. 

Let us know about each golf club type and when to use what golf club in-game usage.


A tee is used to run a golf ball. You can also call it at-shot if you want. Many drivers are made of stainless steel, titanium graphite, and a combination of these materials. It is 45 “tall and is the Big club in the golf bag. The driver’s loft ranges from 10 to 12 degrees.

When to use your driver in golf

Some golfers use fairways because they need a roll to shoot extra distance later. But I think new golfers need to think about this.

Fairway Woods

Fairway wood Originally used as a design to hit a golf ball. This wood is means wood because it is made of persimmon and hickory.

When To Use Fairway Woods in Golf

You can use Farewell Woods as an alternative while you have the ball at the fairway. They can be used from rough, but you have to remember that the ball pops up well in grass. Also, you can use fairway wood when outside the tee.

The advantage of providing the fairway is that you will get some distance while using the driver, and you can use the ball as you like.


It is made of a mixture of iron and wood. Its means that the strength of iron combines with the power of wood. It consists of iron and wood, which give golfers these tactical bits of help, and clubs lift the ball quickly in the air.

When to use a hybrid club

Hybrid is the most versatile type of golf club inside. Its design makes any injury very easy. They are called “rescue clubs” because of the inconvenience caused by the roughness of the fairway bunker. You will get rid of it quickly.


In a golf bag, most of it is made of iron. And used to go from the fairway bunker to the green. Some of the iron is less, then the scaffolding will be less and will go farther. 

There are two types of iron, one long and the other short. It is a bit harder to hit with a long iron. When hit with this iron, the ball goes down. On the other hand, it is easier and more comfortable to hit the ball with a small iron. When hit with it, the ball gets very high, and the hit is very accurate, which you can’t do with big iron.


It is an iron that is convenient and perfect for hitting high-projection, short-range shots. It works much better when a golfer has to hit shots at different distances.  

When to use a gap wedge

There are many times where you can’t go on without wages. The use of wedges is essential for novice golfers. In this way, they can easily become proficient in golf. And very quickly became a good golfer.


It is a part of the game of golf, and you will use it in the hole ।

When to Use Your Putter in Golf

When you play golf, you have to use it to decide to hit the ball. This allows you to limit how far you can hit the ball.

Select golf clubs based on length

It is important for you to know which golf clubs to use and for what reasons. 

We can divide height into three categories and we need to know about these three things.

  1. Golfers who are shorter than 5 feet 5 inches should use half an inch shorter than normal length.
  2. Height 5 feet 5-inches to 6 feet their normal length should be used 1-inch.
  3. Height more than 6 feet 1-inch should be used more than their standard length clubs.

Each club has a different platform for golfers. Newcomers can achieve better results using high loft clubs.In this modern age, all things have changed. Good golfers now use taller clubs to reduce length and and spin.  

Final discussion:

After all we can say which golf club to use when that You knows all about? We have explained the whole matter to you in a simple way. If you still have some information But you can contact us or write in the comment box.


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