How Does an Electric Golf Cart Work

If you want to know about the working process of the electric golf cart, first of all, should you know about electric golf cart? It is a small motorized vehicle used for golf. It can carry two people and is powered by an electric motor. We know golf carts have two players and their golf bags. So first of all, we need to know how does an electric golf cart work

How does a golf cart work

Golf cart electrical system and electric golf cart engine is a very popular in the world. First of all, the question that may arise in our minds is how the electric golf cart works. The process of working an electric golf cart is very complicated. However, first, the power goes from the electric battery to the motor.

Then the wheel of the car is driven, and the car starts moving forward. This battery can be called the heart of the golf cart, and the battery lasts up to 6-48 volts. This article will learn how a golf cart works and what elements are associated with this work.

Golf carts battery pack

A battery is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Chemical reactions transmit the flow of electrons from one place to another through a circuit.

Electron currents in batteries work by creating electric currents. To balance this flow, charged ions come in contact with both electrodes and flow from one place to another by an electrolyte solution. Different electrodes and electrolytes produce different chemical reactions, affecting their voltage and how much energy they store.

The battery is commonly called the powerhouse of the electric golf cart. It gives the cart the power to move from one place to another. Battery function is the process of converting chemical energy into electrical energy.

Not all batteries use the same chemicals. Uses a variety of chemicals depending on the battery. But these uses often remain the same. By charging the batteries, you can use them for a much longer time.

The battery is a common component. Without it, the golf cart cannot generate electrical power. As a result, a lot of batteries are needed for electric golf carts.

Golf Cart Solenoid

When you start the cart, the battery will reach the motor by flowing electric power. And the motor will turn on. If you can’t control it, your cart will lose control and start moving too fast, which can be dangerous for you.

It is the reason why solenoids need to be used in electric golf carts. Now you may want to know naturally what a solenoid is? The answers are, it’s a simple switch, but it works great. With this circuit, you can control the battery of your golf cart.

When you press the lever to start the golf cart, the traction motor in the electric cart from the solenoid battery of the carriage begins to work. It is an instrument that can be called an integral part of the golf cart.

This little device is fantastic, and it is made up of two sections. One is a steel plunger, and the other is a coil made of thin wire.

When the lever is pushed down, the solenoid circuit provides much more power to the motor and increases the vehicle’s speed. Now when you release the lever, the rate will gradually decrease.


The speed control in an electric golf cart and the speed of a petrol engine golf cart differ from one to another. A circuit is used to drive a motor in a golf cart. It is used to prevent electric motion. And it generates voltage from the circuit.

It consumes electrical energy and controls the speed of the motor. Although the speed controller is a common component, the cart’s speed cannot be maintained without it. It is a treasured part of the electric golf cart.

The throttle of the Electric golf cart

Take a look at both the speed controller and the accelerator controlling the solenoid. The cart’s lever is connected to the throttle. You can call it an inductive throttle sensor.

The sensor is used as a speed controller as to how much voltage you can use. If you give more voltage, you will get more speed. If you give less voltage, you will get less speed.

The motor of an electric golf cart

The working process of electric motors is complex. An electric motor works with electrical energy. Batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy and provide electrical power.


The battery medium electrical power powers the stator of the cart. Stator coil। They are arranged in opposite directions so that they act like magnets.

Therefore, when electric power is supplied to the motor of the cart from the battery, a magnetic field is created, for which the coils keep rotating. As soon as the engine is turned on, the cart’s wheel starts turning, and the cart starts moving.

The working process of the motor is step by step. Because this motor is completely different from other engine motors. If you want to run a motor with another engine, you have to use fuel. But electric motor work is complicated, but its cost is much less.

FAQ of how does an electric golf cart work

How far will the electric golf cart go?

 It can go up to 25 to 40 miles, depending on the electrical configuration, model, and cart voltage, and battery.There are golf carts that go more than 50 miles on a single charge. But if you don’t know how to use the battery properly, your battery life may be reduced. If the battery runs out of charge, your car will no longer run. That’s why you have to be careful while using the battery.

How fast will the electric golf cart run?

An exemplary version of the electric golf cart can produce huge amounts of power. On average, it can travel at speeds of about 12 to 14 miles per hour. You should know that no good golf cart can reach a speed of more than 25 miles per hour. However, its golf strength and speed will depend on your usage.

 You can quickly speed up your car by following the steps below:

  • Purchase large tires and install and use them. The golf cart will run much faster because of the wheel diameter bar. 
  • The size of a standard golf cart tire is usually 18 inches. But if you can upgrade it to 20 inches, it will add more than two mph of power to its speed.
  • You can also speed up using the controller upgrade kit.

Everyone knows that the speed of a vehicle like a golf cart is allowed at 35 miles per hour, but keep in mind that it is better not to travel at more than 20 to 25 miles per hour. It would help if you were especially careful when you speed up your golf cart. If you drive the cart too fast for a long time, it can cause damage to the golf cart’s engine.

How to clean a golf cart motor?

Answer: you can easily clean a golf cart motor by following the steps below:

  • First, take some clean liquid- which is flammable.
  • Take a dry clean cloth again 
  • Cron using a golf cart motor brush with.
  • Now apply a liquid material and rub as far as your hand can go.
  •  Wipe with a brush to remove dry mud and dirt.

How many volts should a golf cart battery have?

The best golf cart battery on the market is 48 volts. However, some are 50-52.

Final discussion of how does an electric golf cart work

We have researched the whole thing and tried to explain it simply for you. If you want to know something, feel free to write in the comment box below. We will try to answer.


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